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Environmental Facts and Figures

Environmental Facts and Figures from the Environment Agency.

It is the policy of this company to continue to strive towards a better environment. We are working towards improving our re-cycling percentage and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. There are obvious benefits from reclaiming products and recycling materials namely:

The number one impact, as assessed by environmental experts, is vehicle emissions from transport use.

When transporting waste to landfill and for re-cycling, where possible the shortest practical route is used and operational factors taken into consideration. We have also carried out analysis as the types of vehicles used in our business. There was great interest from LPG powered vehicles and whilst improvements could be seen there were concerns on health and safety issues. The LPG project did not entirely fit with our current policies although there is commitment to review in the future.

We update our vehicles on a regular basis and so the vehicles are fitted with all the latest environmentally friendly gadgets. Fleet Management keep up to date with all the latest trends and equipment.

The cost of Christmas - recycling facts from DEFRA NEWS web site.